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10 Ways to Make Love Without Having S E X. » BrownShugar

10 Ways to Make Love Without Having S E X.

A few of my female friends say whenever a guy tells you the sacred “I love You”. The next line is “Let me prove it to you. Let us have s e x.” Is s e x the only way to prove to a girl you love her?

The answer is NO! There are over a hundred ways to prove to your partner you love them other than s e x and here they are:

1.) Simply Say it.
Nothing can really show a girl you love her more than how well you say you love her. The look in your eye, the tone of your voice, the mood, everything around that moment can as well pass the message of love.

2.) Sing love songs together.
Okay you might think am a Bollywood maniac. Unfortunately, I am not but sharing love songs with your partner could really convey your message of love far better than s e x.

3.) Kiss When People are looking.
Awwhh this is so very sweet romantic, when in an eatery or by the beach or having a picnic. Sharing a kiss, could just pass the message very effectively.

4.) Take A Walk While Holding Hands.
This is so sweet, I wish I was holding my babes hand and walking by our street now. Try it if you have not already. It works like Magic!

5.) Watch A movie together.
Go to your favorite cinema and watch a romantic movie that keeps the two of you holding hands and sharing eye contacts and kisses.

6.) Respect Each Other Feelings.
If she does not want it, do not trick or force or emotionally blackmail her into doing it. It shows true love.

7.) Go Sightseeing.
Go to the malls and take a look at all the beautiful things you can not buy.

8.) Do things for each other without being asked.
It is always sweet when your partner does things for you that you never asked, it shows they care and that you are always in their thoughts.

9.) Surprise Gifts.
Surprise your partner with a gift once in a while. This pleasant surprises will only make your love stronger

10.) Go on a photo-shoot.
Do not wait till you about to get married before you start taking pictures together. Start now.

Well I know I said over a hundred but 10 is good enough to start up with at least for now. Later up I will add the rest. You can also add yours in the comments below.

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