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After Dating Her for 6 Years, See What this Young Man Did to his Girlfriend

I  met my boyfriend over six years ago and we have been dating ever since. After five years of dating, we had  our introduction. We had plans to get married soon after the introduction but things were not okay financially so we had to postpone the wedding.

One day while going through my phone, my boyfriend read some old chats I had with some of my male friends and he immediately concluded I was cheating on him. I actually thought it a joke as that was not the first time he would go through my phone but his attitude towards me ever since that day changed completely. He became distant anytime we were together, got unnecessarily irritated and complained over everything. Suddenly, nothing I did seemed to please him.

I discussed with a couple of my friends and they advised I spoke to his mom as we were close. I hesitated about going to his mom as we had both agreed to solve any of our relationship issues personally. Fortunately for me though, his mother noticed things were really not right between us. She asked me to come over, asked why the marriage plans had stalled and what we were doing about it. All she majorly cared about was me getting married to her son in time and giving her grandchildren.

My boyfriend however did not feel same about getting marred soon, his attitude towards me got worse and every time I asked what was wrong he would walk away saying nothing was wrong. One day I summoned courage and confronted him, it was either he told me what was wrong or we put an end to the relationship.

He looked at me and said he met a prophet who told him I was not the right woman for him and if he did go ahead to marry me, he was going to remain a frustrated pauper for the rest of his life. I was confused, I did not know what to make of the whole thing. Was it a lie? Was he cheating on me? Was he trying to do away with me without getting any blames as he knew I was the spiritual type? I asked myself these questions a thousand times over.

He further explained how he really desperately loved me and wanted to marry me but was scared, he did not want to be a frustrated pauper. He wanted to be successful, have his own business and be able to afford all the luxuries of life. I advised we consult another pastor and pray further rather than break our relationship over the prophecy of just one pastor. He asked that will give it a break for a month, seek the face of God separately and also consult with our pastors.

I agreed, I prayed and fasted. Everyday I would call him and ask if he was doing same, he was always affirmative. A month passed and I was convinced he was the man for me. I went to visit him but behold I met another lady in his apartment. My boyfriend already had a new girlfriend.

He had deceived me all along, he surely was not praying and fasting and was only playing on my intelligence. I could not hold back my tears, a man I loved so much, prayed and fasted for our future all through a month was busy fornicating with another lady. He stood there bewildered and could not even put up a defense for his actions. It was clear he did not want me and the whole prophet story was just a big lie. I packed everything I had in his apartment and left.

Six months have passed since that incidence, my ex-boyfriend is not married to that lady yet though I hear they are still together. I have moved on and I am happily married now. I met my husband just a month after that day I left his house, we fell in love and luckily for me his pastor did not say I was going to make him a pauper the rest of our married life.

I am sharing my experience because at times we feel we have put to much in a relationship and leaving it would seem the end of the world. I never thought I could love again after that day I left his house but I did and am happy for it.

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