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Exposed! – The Top 9 Reasons Your Man Might be Cheating on You

I have never conducted a poll on why most relationship crash but some how I know most relationship come to an abrupt end simply because the other partner is cheating and most of the time, it is the MAN. So, why exactly do men cheat and risk ending their relationship. Well, I ask a couple of friends and they all had different reasons. I did note the top nine reasons and am sharing it with you ladies. Read and learn because your dear husband or boyfriend might be cheating or considering cheating on you for any of these reasons.

1. Curiosity. Well as the saying goes curiosity killed the cat in this case your relationship. Yes, your man might cheat on you simply to see what it is like to have sex with another woman. In this case ladies, you can only pray it is was not worth the adventure for him so he doesn’t try it again.

2. You are not good enough in Bed. Chai! this is sad but it is one of the top reasons men cheat. Only a few men will stick around and be faithful to a woman who is not good in bed. He wants you to moan, give him some ringtones, change your positions, try new things but all you want to do is lie down and let him just do his thing and roll off when he is done. In this case, you need to CHANGE. Learn some exciting sex tips that will keep your man always glued to you here.

3. You are too Busy. For our working class ladies in metropolitan cities like Lagos this is always the case. You are bugged by the Lagos traffic, office politics, work hassles and the other many things that could make a sane woman go crazy. Finally, when you are home, you are too tired and just want to sleep and prepare for the next day. So there is little or no time for sex. Well guess what, your husband might be considerate and decide to outsource the sex part of your relationship. What do you do? We all know it is not easy working and trying to find time for silly little things that could either make or break or relationship. But please find time to make sweet passionate love to your lover or partner. Don’t always give him the cold shoulder all the time. You might be pushing him out to another lover.

4. Vengeance. “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord” but believe me even your bible carrying, church going lover might not allow God take revenge for him. A man might be forced to cheat on his wife or girlfriend simply because she has done same to him. So please, the solution to this ladies is simple. Do not draw first blood – Don’t cheat on him.

5. Unsatisfiable Desires. Some men can not be satisfied by just one woman. This type of men keep asking if a man can survive only by eating fried rice or eba alone all the time. Guess they need to change their food constantly. Well if your man sees you as a food item, guess its time you need to analyze your relationship and see if it is worth sticking around.

6. The Pornography Era. Adult films are everywhere. They are in your phones, tablets, iPads, iPhones, laptops, DVDs. Simply put, they are everywhere you go. The sex act in some of these porn videos push the normal boundaries of society and are considered taboo but your man might find it hard to control his need to explore and experiment. Shy or ashamed to express these desires to you, he is presented with the opportunity to cheat. Trying it out with another partner would do just fine.

7. Because other men Do it. Yes, a lot of men cheat simply because their friends, colleagues, bosses, servants, clients etc cheat. When your man starts acting up like he is the only faithful man in the world. Take note, that is a red flag, he might be surrounded by tonnes of chronic cheaters and is beginning to get influenced. Watch his friends and try to get him as far away from any one of them you know is a cheater.

8. Temptation from “Karishikas”. Many men never set out to cheat but are tempted by this beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, always wearing skimpy attires, boyfriend and husband grabbing Karishikas out there. Believe me these ladies are not in short supply, just like pornography they are everywhere your man goes.
Word of advice – keep tab on your mans activities, trusting him too much and giving him more space than he deserves might be dangerous.

9. The Natural Striker – The More Women The Merrier. Believe it or not, many men cheat just because they have a stick between their legs and of course they need to use it on as many women as possible. If you have this kind of man and you are so much in love with him you can’t leave, the only advice I can give is – Go to Church/Mosque – Fast and Pray! Only God the creator of the joystick can help You.

So you have it ladies, the nine reasons your man might be cheating on you. Do you feel men cheat for other reasons or you have ways to curb your man from cheating aside cutting off his joystick. Please feel free to share with us, drop your comments. We will be glad to hear.