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First Time Sex – Things You Need to Know Before Losing Your Virginity

For many girls having sex for the first time can be so intimidating, there are a million and one things going through your mind. You wonder whether you are doing it right or if you are even doing it with the right person. The pain, the fear of pregnancy and the many other thoughts. All the same, if it is not your wedding night then check out our advice so you can feel more comfortable your very first time of having sex.

1. Your Age
According to the Sexual Offenses Bill, 2015, the legal age to have sex in Nigeria has been pegged at 11 years and above. While me and you in the southern part of the country might feel isn’t 11 too early and should a girl that age be bothered about sex and things related? Truth be told, in the north they are. So working with our constitution, if you are above 11, then you legally have the right to have sex but are you prepared for it psychologically and physically? If you are not then please don’t do it. Also, if you really want to enjoy sex your very first time no matter how old you are – DO NOT BE RUSHED INTO IT! Not only will you not enjoy it, you might end up regretting it the rest of your life. So, have sex the first time when your mind and not any other person tells you it is time.

2. Who To Have Sex With?
One question that will always be paramount the very first time is; Does he deserve it? Yes, If you think he doesn’t deserve it then dont give in. You should lose your virginity to a partner you love and trust. Someone you believe cares about you beyond the sex. This might help calm down your nerves and relieve the stress. This stops your muscles from contracting, making penetration easier and helping to reduce the pain.

3. What Do you Know About Foreplay?
Guess you have to attend a secondary school in Nigeria before thinking of writing jamb and getting into a University. The same rule applies with sex and foreplay. If do not know foreplay, then sex the first time might not be as good as you see it in the telenovas. Foreplay is very and may I repeat VERY important. It gives you and your partner the chance to know each others bodies helping you create a closer bond before penetration. Take time to find out what turns you on – kissing, sweet erotic talks, caresses, touches etc. This will help get you lubricated, making the penetration less painful.

4. What Do You Know About The Hymen?
Breaking the hymen literally translates to losing your virginity. According to Wikipedia, “The Hymen is a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. It forms part of the vulva, or external genitalia, and is similar in structure to the vagina”. When the hymen tears, it can sometimes lead to bleeding and pain. Note, some sport activities can cause the hymen to break. In case you are a sport person and this happens to you then you might not bleed your first time of having sex. It doesn’t mean you were not born a virgin.

5. What Precautions Do you Have in Mind?
Well, if you have read this far then am sure it is not your wedding night. So I guess you do not want to get pregnant, or get a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) your first time of having sex. Note that there are methods that prevent pregnancies but do not prevent contacting an STD. Only condoms protect against both sexual infections and unwanted pregnancies.

6. What Position Is Best For the First Time?
I believe the first sexual act on earth was done in the missionary position. So, I recommend same to you. Do not try the many exotic and erotic “””sex styles that are guaranteed to make you have an orgasm”””” . You will have many more sex and you can save them for later when you are more comfortable and experienced. With the Missionary style, penetration is more natural and your partner’s penis will find its way into your vagina more easily. Do not be shy to tell him to slow down if he moves too fast.

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