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Help My Girlfriend is Paranoid – Curses Me All the Time

I have a girl and we have been together for about 8 years now. She was my course mate and we started dating right from my first year in the university. Just immediately after we graduated, we got engaged before our mandatory one year National Youth Service (NYSC).

I got a scholarship to study for my MSc in the United Kingdom just after I was done with my service year. She got worried and claimed I was going to forget her as soon as I started seeing those white chics in the UK. I did my best to convince her I was going to be faithful and left for the UK.

While studying in the UK I got a job and sent her some little stipends just to assure her that I was faithful and that I intend spending the rest of my life with her but the thing with my girlfriend is she is jealous and very possessive. Once she picks on an issue, it is completely hard to change her point of view. No matter how I tried to prove to her I was faithful while in the UK, she would get annoyed and ask me to stop insulting her intelligence.

A normal conversation would start with her telling me she trusts me but not the white and black ladies in the UK. Then she starts, cursing me out, my ‘joystick’ and the girls she imagines in her head I sleep with and on and on she goes. Most of the time I just leave the phone on speaker and walk away, ending the call could mean another girl was there with me.

Finally, I was done with my program, came back to Nigeria and got a job with a multinational firm. I have a personal secretary and there is nothing in the world my girlfriend has not insinuated I have done with my secretary. She is so paranoid, her imaginations really scares me. The saddest thing is my secretary is the side-chic of my boss so there is no way on earth I could be getting into that unless of course I have another job.

I have explained this to my girlfriend a million and one times but the more explanations I make the more paranoid she gets. She once even threatened to come and beat up the girl. To me, that was the height of it, even my bosses madam has never ever showed up in the office before. I get scared anytime she calls, it is always “she is there with you abi” or “you have just finished F**king her abi” or she just sucked on your joystick abi” or “you just finished a threesome with her and your oga abi”. The list is endless of what her imagination can come up with. Sadly, she finishes it off with the curses.

We are not even married yet and she is like this. Please what will happen when I marry her. I am sick and tired and want out. But believe me I am scared because she always curses I will be a nobody if I ever leave her.

How can I get out of this? please I need your advice.

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