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How To Chose The Best Wedding Cake Decoration For Your Wedding

Cakes come in different types, colors and shapes. Deciding which one to chose from can be a very daunting experience at times. The best way however in picking your wedding cake is by going through many books and online magazines and taking a look at some of the latest decorations. But there are things to consider before making that final choice. These include:

The Colour Scheme of Your Wedding
You might chose to match the colour of your cake with that of your bridesmaids dress material or your reception hall decorations. Get in touch with your caterer and show them sample colours of your wedding fabrics.

The Type of Cake
There are different types of cakes. You can decide to have the traditional fruit cake or the sponge cake or even a chocolate cake. With many cake decorations available you might even decide to get a naked cake (a cake without icing). You van also have a mix, maybe have a fruit cake upper layer and the lower layer could be a sponge cake. Get in touch with your caterer and let them know what you decide.

Your Budget
Working on a low budget doesn’t mean you can not get a beautiful wedding cake. You might only have to compromise on the size or perhaps the numbers of layers you will get. Do not confine your self with working with only one caterer. Meet as many as possible, look at their work samples and decide which one fits perfectly into your budget.

The Purpose of your cake.
Do you intend cutting the wedding cake into smaller slices and give to guest to take home or would you rather give them give smaller cup cakes to take home?

Overall, it is always best to have a cake decoration in mind before visiting your cake maker or caterer. To have an idea on what your cake decoration should be, you can see our post on the best 20 Nigerian cake decorations here.

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