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I want to Marry Her but Her Younger Sister Won’t Let me. Please Help! » BrownShugar

I want to Marry Her but Her Younger Sister Won’t Let me. Please Help!

My name is James. I am 30yrs old, I met a girl in my church 2 years ago and instantly fell in love with her. I quickly got her number from a friend and found out her name was Jane. I later called her to tell her my feelings but she turned me down. We became friends and I became relentless in my pursuit. I even asked some of her friends to help me convince her but she always turned down my advances no matter how hard I tried.

I got close to her family and also became friends with her elder sister. We got close and she would always encourage me not to give up and that overtime Jane would get to see how well I was in love with her. Every time I visited their house, I ended up chatting and spending time with Jane’s elder sister as Jane seriously never had my time. I started getting fond of her elder sister and never regretted spending time with her. Slowly our friendship got intense and in no time turned to love. We fell in love and started dating secretly.

One day I visited their house and she was out, I met Jane and didn’t want to leave immediately so she would not get suspicious. We started talking and she attacked me, saying I was no longer in love with her and did not treat her the way I used to. She started flirting with me, touching me in sensitive places, resurrecting my feelings for her. I could not resist her, it was what I had wanted for about a year and now that it was happening I did not have the strength to resist her. As much as my head screamed me to run, my legs had other ideas. We kissed, touched and made sweet love.

Barely 2 months after our encounter, Jane told me she was pregnant, she was not interested in keeping the baby and was not at all interested in me. She just needed money to get the baby ‘flushed’ out. Jane told me she never loved me and only slept with me to get back at her boyfriend who was cheating on her. She said no one knew of the pregnancy save me and her and nobody was ever going to know as long as I provided the funds and also escort her for the abortion. I agreed and things went just as planned.

Things got more serious between me and her elder sister and we could not hide our relationship anymore, we are in love and we told everyone that cared to know and that included Jane. But Jane did not take the news kindly, she threw a tantrum accusing her elder sister of stealing her ‘husband’. Then she came for me… I was scared, my head spinned, I thought to run away but this time my legs seemed glued to the floor. I could not imagine the words “I had an abortion for you” coming out of mouth but she just stood there looked at me and stormed out of the building.

She later visited me that same day threatening to spill the beans if I did not put an end to the relationship with her elder sister. I have begged her to let go but she would never agree. She claims ownership of me like we ever had a relationship.

Please help me. What do I do? She doesn’t want me and has vowed her elder sister can not have me either. I love her elder sister so much and I want to marry her & she wants the same thing too but how do I tell her her younger sister has had an abortion for me. Jane has also threatened to blackmail me the rest of my life if I do not put an end to the relationship.

Please help me. I need advice.

Do you have any advice for James, please drop it in the comment section below. Please no insults or profane language. Thanks

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