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Love Can Be Cruel - See What Happens To A Guy After Saving a Girl From Death (Video) » BrownShugar

Love Can Be Cruel – See What Happens To A Guy After Saving a Girl From Death (Video)

James sit and flashes back on that warm Tuesday afternoon. He was seated on a park bench with his bestie Angela. They both were having a casual time out. He was in love with her but didn’t know how to ask her out. In his confusion, he said Angela “if after 10 years from now you do not have a boyfriend will you marry me? Angela looked at him surprised but without hesitation she says “Yes, I will marry you.”

They both laughed at the thought of it, he brought out his notepad and they signed an agreement and made pinky swears.

Just about a year after their park meeting. Angela met Micheal, he was young, lovely and so full of life. She fell madly in love with him and they started dating. Unfortunate for Angela, Michael never really cared about her. The harder she tried to show him love, the more he neglected her. Angela became emotionally traumatized and she tried committing suicide time and time again. But James will never let it happen.

He became her lifesaver. The more she attempted suicide, the more he was there for her. Waiting patiently for his time, he loved her and always nurtured her back to health.

Well, 10 years finally reached and on that very day, Angela again was distraught, on the verge to take her life again. She complained no one had ever truly loved her. James reminded her of his love. It was true love, he had devoted his life for her. He brought out his notepad, showed her her signature and reminded her of their promise, she looked at him surprised and said “James, I was just kidding back then.”

Just as he was about to gather himself, Michael walked in and straight away Angela ran into his arms. Shocked, frustrated and neglected, James angrily fling his notepad and walked away. 10 years he had shown her love, 10 years he had devoted his life to her but at the end she preferred the man that gave her pains and heartaches.

Full Credit for this story goes to Thai artist Status – A Girl Want to Die, A guy Wants To Love

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Watch the sad emotional video here

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