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What Do Men Really Want – 7 Qualities Real Guys Desire in a Woman

Sure you can say “every man get him shoe size” and every man is different but there are some certain things about a woman that will make any type of man take notice of her, decide to know more about her, cherish her and love her for the rest of his life.

Now this article is not about some teenagers chasing after some pants or some unserious men wanting to have some fun. This article is particular to the real man looking to settle down and start a new life with a woman filled with love, joy and romance.

So what do these type of men really want?

1.) An Independent Woman.

7 Qualities Real Guys Desire in a Woman

Do not blame them. The harsh economic condition is beginning to force every real man to see the importance of an independent working class lady. A real man will not be intimidated about his lady’s independence and success. What matters to him is that she still has space in her life for a great relationship and is present whenever she is with him. No one wants a full house wife anymore. Every lady should sit and ask herself, what do I bring to the table financially? If her answer is nothing, then in the words of Dbanj, she is on a very long thing.

2.) A Trustworthy Woman.

7 Qualities Real Guys Desire in a Woman

This is just as simple as it sounds. Every real man needs a woman he can trust. Having a cheating reputation does not help you here. Having a countless list of male friends and exes don’t also seem to cut it. Believe it or not men don’t want someone who is everywhere, doing everything with everyone.

3.) A Woman Who is Emotionally Mature.

7 Qualities Real Guys Desire in a Woman

Somewhere along the line there will be mistakes and there will be times when both partners will misunderstand themselves. How a woman handles her emotions when situations like this arise can be a huge pointer in helping the man decide whether she is the right woman for him or not. If she blows it out of proportion in a dramatic or aggressive way, this could be a big red flag to him but if she handles things well and maturely then it is a sign she can be the right woman for him.

4.) A woman with Less Baggage.

7 Qualities Real Guys Desire in a Woman

Selfish as it may sound, it is true. The more baggage you have, the less desired you will be. Your baggage could be a past failed marriage, a teenage pegnancy, host of never do well exes, poor finances, a child out of wedlock and many more.

4.) A Woman with a Good Presentation.

Qualities Real Guys Desire in a Woman4

Truly, you might be tired of people judging you by your looks and dressing but believe me, they won’t stop. Your looks and presentations matters a lot. How you present yourself says a lot about the kind of person that you are. This includes the kind of cloths you wear. Knowing what to wear for different occasions can endear you more to a man. Also, your manner of approach and the way you address people, his friends, partners and his family members.

5.) A Respectful Woman.

7 Qualities Real Guys Desire in a Woman

All men want respect. No man wants to be ridiculed and insulted at will by his woman. In fact you can not have a succesful relationship with any man if you do not rsepect him. Give your man respect and You will be loved.

6.) A Woman Who Shows Appreciation.

7 Qualities Real Guys Desire in a Woman

No matter how little his efforts might be, every man loves his effort being appreciated. A peck, hug or even a simple ‘thank you’ to show appreciation for what ever a man does for you can go a long way in cementing your place in his heart.

7.) A Supportive Woman.

Qualities Real Guys Desire in a Woman8

As the popular saying goes “behind every successful man is his woman”. No man is an island and no man is self sufficient. Every man needs a woman that will always be behind him all the way no matter how far fetched the goal might seem to be.

There are other qualtities real men want in their ladies like humility, confidence, intelligence but we found the aforementioned 7 more common among real men.

So, if you are looking to get a real man do not focus all your attention on buying the pancakes and polishing the outside only. Also work on your inner self. What matters most is who you are. That’s exactly what the real man wants.

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