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My Mother is Going to Destroy My Marriage – Help! How Can I stop Her?

I have been married for 3 years now to a wonderful man. We have been blessed with a baby who is almost a year old now. After the birth of our baby, my Mum agreed to retire voluntarily to take care of our baby when it was time for me to resume work.

She’s been doing this job of taking care of our baby well. But now there is problem…My Mum is now trying to control my marriage. She has an opinion on every single issue and she’s never shy to express it. She confronts my husband concerning issues which should be handled by me. My husband has complained about her actions, and I have tried explaining to my mom not to address my Hubby personally but to rather do so through me. She often gets offended and complains that my Hubby is like her Son, and that I am trying to tame her. I try to make her understand that he is the Head of my family and should be treated so.

She sometimes makes statements that are very disrespectful about my Hubby. Once during an argument with her I got so upset that I told her that she was trying to destroy my marriage and that she should learn to stick to the reason why she is living with us. She was so hurt by my outburst and frankly I felt really bad as well. I apologized afterwards and she did same and promised never to interfere in any of our matter again. The situation has improved a bit and we don’t argue so much now. However, recently, hubby and I decided to get intimate and my Mum acted up in a manner I really do not understand.

We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, she has one bedroom to herself while Hubby, myself and baby share the other. As our baby was asleep and we dared not risk disturbing his sleep, we decided to do our stuff in the living room since we felt my mom was already asleep. This was around 11:30 pm. Just when things started getting steamy, I started hearing my mom call my name. We paused for a moment and I had to go find out why my mom was calling me.

I got to my mom’s room and she asked me what I was doing? I was confused I did not know what to say so I just said I was with my husband. I asked if that was the reason she was calling me and she said yes, she just heard some funny noise and wanted to remind me our baby isn’t a year already. I said “Mummy I know, please go back to sleep.”

I got back to the sitting room and my husband wanted to know what my mom wanted. I certainly did not know what to tell him, so I just hurriedly kissed him and told him to continue from where we stopped. I knew he sensed something was wrong but he did not want to push it because he was about to get some sweet loving.

Ever since that day, I have noticed my husband become uncomfortable anytime I touch him or tickle him whenever my mom is present even if she is not looking. He also has stopped making love to me anywhere in the house except our room. I sensed he eavesdropped and heard my conversation with my mother but I do not know how to ask him.

I feel my mom’s continued stay and over bearing attitude is beginning to get to him. My mom is going to be around for another year. Asking her to go now will be rude and knowing my mom for who she is, she just would read her own meanings no matter how smart we put it.

I really wish there was a way I could get to keep my man and our love going and my mom at the same time but I do not know how. She promised never to interfere in our matters but she just can’t stop. My husband has been cooperative but I know he is not comfortable in his own house. Please how do I go about it?

Do you have any advice? Please post in the comment section below. Thanks

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