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Must Read For All Women - The 10 Things You Do to Your Husband That You Need to Stop » BrownShugar

Must Read For All Women – The 10 Things You Do to Your Husband That You Need to Stop

BrownShugar reached out to some men and women and asked “What should a wife stop doing if she wants to improve her marriage?” We compiled the 10 best responses and here they are:

1. Putting Others Before Your Husband
God created the institution of marriage for companionship, so what happens when you put your children or mother or sister or even your friend above your husband. If you spend your free time going on a shopping spree with your friends or sister when your husband asked that you watch a movie or a football match. You may leave your husband feeling that he has second place in your heart.

2. Expecting Your Husband to be Your Girlfriend.
Men and women were created differently both in physique and in line of thought. When discussing with your husband try and cut out those unnecessary conversational details that will get him bored. He can never take the place of you girlfriend.

3. Using Sex to Bargain With Your Husband.
It is common for many women to either act or say to their husband “When I get what I want, you get sex.” It will be wise to remember 1 Corinthians 7:4-5 says, “The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own…”

4. Act Like Your Husband is A Mind-Reader.
Many women expect that their husband should know what is going on in their minds all the time. But it would be wiser if they were more specific with their request. Most often men are glad and willing to help in daily house chores if asked politely. A few words might be all you need to change a resentment-filled, stressed-out night into a team-effort bonding time.

5. Comparing Your Husband with Other Men.
Believe it or not, no woman has a perfect husband. Perfect husbands only exist in fairy tales. Focus on the more good things that your husband does and help him improve on his shortcomings. At the end you will shape him into the man of your dreams.

6. Disrespecting Your Husband.
No matter what, always treat your husband with respect. As one friend said: “If women could learn to understand that respect is a man’s native tongue, that it absolutely heals his heart and ministers to him like nothing else, it would make the biggest difference in marriage.”

7. Expecting Your Husband to Cheat on You.
A lot of woman are of the opinion that no matter how you try to please a man, He will end up cheating. Bet you have heard “Men are born to cheat”. Having this kind of belief would only ruin the trust you have for your husband and eventually push him out to cheat.

8. Reminding him of His Mistakes Over and Over and Over Again.
Stop making your husband feel guilty about his every mistake with your constant nagging and complains. You will only succeed in pushing him far away from you into mystery and perpetual frustration.

9. Complaining and Reporting him to your friends and family.
Yes, you might have to seek advice from people at times but complaining or reporting your husband to the wrong person might spell doom for your marriage. Best thing is to go to God’s word and believe and act on the things that He says.

10. It is Your Way or No Way!
When you insist on having it your way all the time you are in essence claiming to be the Man of the house. Remember, You are Not! Ephesians 5:23 says, “For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church…”.

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