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My Boyfriends Says I Am Too Beautiful To Be Faithful. How Can I convince Him? » BrownShugar

My Boyfriends Says I Am Too Beautiful To Be Faithful. How Can I convince Him?

Yes, Yes and Yes again you read the title right. My boyfriend thinks am too beautiful to be faithful. I am a young lady from Delta State in Nigeria, am 5ft 8inches, and seriously without need to brag I am every man’s dream girl… For so long, I have had people mostly men do me favors (solicited and unsolicited) for no reason other than the fact I am irresistibly beautiful. Unfortunately for me now, what has worked in my favour for so long has now turned against me and it all started when I met Nanya in 2013.

Nanya was a colleague, he was tall, light skin, and had a charming smile that could melt the heart of the devil. He had a good head over his shoulders and was also financially stable. He was just exactly what my love doctor prescribed. I fell in love with him almost as soon as we got talking and did not hesitate to say yes as soon as he asked me out (something I had never done before).

2 months into our relationship, I was faced with a financial crisis.  My parents were in debt and we needed to pay our rent. The landlord had served us an eviction notice and so we needed to pay or be disgraced. I was going crazy trying to help my parents sort out the bill. I didn’t want to tell Nanya as I did not want him to look down on my family but there was no other way to raise the bill.

Then came an opportunity – I had to go for a mini beauty contest in PortHarcourt. The prize money for the 2nd runner up was more than enough to pay our rent. Considering how beautiful I am, I knew getting the 3rd place could not be much of an issue. I talked to him about this but never told him my main reason for going. He agreed and supported me. So I got the form, went for auditions and of course got short listed.

The night before the pageant, Nanya visited me in the hotel room and told me to pull out. He gave me so many reasons and it all summed up to all the men in the world would come after me should I win. This was the only hope I had of helping my parents out. I was not going to let him stop me. I disagreed and for the first time we had a heated argument. He threatened to call it quit if I did not pull out, I called his bluff, he looked in disdain, stepped out of the room and that was the end.

The next day and it was time to win the pageantry. I put on my best show but alas I was judged 6th out of 8 contestants. I was shocked, I wished the stage could just open up and swallow me. My shock glued me to the stage, the MC literally had to walk me off the stage. It was the end of my beautiful life, I cried like I missed heaven . No one understood why I cried so much and it was just too painful an experience to recount.

Now back to Lagos, I tried contacting Nanya but he would not give me a listening ear. He kept on saying I chose the pageantry over him and that was it. A year passed before Nanya could forgive me, I finally had to tell him why I chose the pageantry over him. Our love has blossomed ever since except for this time he has been more fidgety when am around other guys.

I actually felt it was the after effect of the whole pageantry thing and that he would get over it until one day Nanya gave me the shock of my life. He told me I was too beautiful and was always the cynosure of all eyes every where we went. He said as hard as he tries, he can not get to trust me a 100% as situations may arise and i will be tempted to cheat on him or leave him. He asked that we take a blood oath. He promised not to cheat on me and to also take the same oath.

I initially thought it a joke, but  his facial expressions did not changed. He was serious and still is serious about the oath. I really do love him and I know he loves me too but a “blood oath” scares the living daylight outta me.

Please what should I do? I can not stand the thought of losing him again and the thought of a blood oath scares me a lot. I am at peace anytime am with him and I really want to start a family with him. I don’t really know why my beauty that has always been a great asset is now turning a disadvantage.

Please I need advise… Should I have a blood oath with him or lose him again?