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Why You Should not Break Up With Your Broke Boyfriend

Guess you read the title and you thought to yourself “the fact he is broke is more than enough reason to break up with him”. You could be right but you will certainly be real sorry in the near future if he ends up great. Nothing can be more horrifying than seeing an ex you broke up with simply because he was broke drive past you in a posh car with another lady.

Majority of us women would certainly want to date a rich tall and handsome man, but certainly not all of us will be lucky in finding that rich man. Lets even say we are not after the Dangote kind of rich man but just a man with a good job or business, an apartment of his own, a sleek car and a seemingly good life. That seriously isn’t too much to ask for but what happens if our man does not have any or all of this. Is it enough reasons to break up with him? In my own judgement I would say No and here are my reasons.

Why You Should not Break Up With Your Broke Boyfriend

1.) It is only a Temporary Phase.
Being broke is a temporary situation and except your man was born with a silver spoon, then he at one time or the other was broke and helpless. So don’t judge your man simply because he is at that phase of his life. Believe me the trying time would pass and you will be happy you stuck with him.

2.) He Has Potential.
If your man is broke but is not planning on staying that way for life, then stick with him and help him achieve his dreams. Do not be worried about his present state because you know he is working on improving it and would surely rise to the top.

3.) They Treat You Better.
From my personal experience, I have come to realise that men who are broke actually treat their women with more respect than rich accomplished men do. The rich men are of the opinion you are just into them for the money. It could be a real drag trying to convince a man you really love him and you are not just after his money. On the other hand, your broke man will treat you with more respect because he appreciates you can see his potential and you have decided to be the only bright spot in his life.

At the end of the day, no one should miss out on a good man just because he is broke and does not have much to spend at the moment. As long as you can see a “working potential” in your man, that is more than enough reason to stick with him and give him all the support you have.

So, ladies would you or would you not break up with your man simply because he is broke? Share your views in the comment section below.

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