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Do You Think It is Time to Sleep With Him? "I Suggest You Read This First" » BrownShugar

Do You Think It is Time to Sleep With Him? “I Suggest You Read This First”

There is hardly any relationship this days that is devoid of s e x. We are in a fast-paced world of information and computers and mobile gadgets. Meeting the opposite s e x at work or in school or even when commuting is inevitable but that doesn’t mean when you meet a guy you like today; then you should hop in his bed the very next day. There are many things to consider before you decide to have s e x with a guy you like. Brownshugar compiles the list of things you really need to know before letting him sleep with you and here they are:

1.    How Committed Is He?

Six things to know before sleeping with him
You surely don’t want to end up on his score sheet as one of the girls he’s had. You should endeavor to find out how committed he’s going to be to you and the relationship. Never ever try to use s e x as a tool to get him committed to you. You will only be shooting your self in the foot if you do so. Take stock of the situation; you run the risk of getting pregnant or catching an untreatable disease.

2.    Find out about His Past

Six things to know before sleeping with him
There is nothing wrong in finding out some stuff about your guy’s past regarding his health and relationships. Of course, you don’t need to make it look like a job interview or something; you need to create the right atmosphere where both of you will be able to talk about such matters with a clear head and mature minds.

3.    How long did his last relationship last?

Six things to know before sleeping with him
Just find out the general pattern of his past relationships; if he’s just been having dates with no genuine commitments, that should give you a warning signal about his objectives toward you. Of course, there are guys who may not have found it comfortable mingling with the ladies, so see if he’s new at this or just a philanderer.

4.    So, how many girlfriends has he been involved with?

Six things to know before sleeping with him
Now, there is a way to ask this question diplomatically; if you get to know how many girls he’s had s e x with, you may not be happy with the answer. Just ask him in a playful sort of way, how many girls he’s been with for now. Later on, you could ask him how many one-night stands he’s had in the past.

5.    What caused the last break up?

Six things to know before sleeping with him
Endeavor to find out what led to the last break up. Was it for health reasons, or was it due to infidelity? Who was unfaithful? Who dumped who, and why? Did the relationship just fall to pieces? If you don’t get real answers from him, or he seems to put all the blame on his last girlfriend, you need to be careful; though sometimes, it could be true that the other lady initiated the breakup.

6.    Does He Practice Safe S E X?

Six things to know before sleeping with him
That’s it. One last thing you need to find out from him is if he practices safe s e x. Some guys abhor condoms and won’t use them. If he belongs to that class, then you may have to let him go. If he is not willing to try using a condom, you may have to place him on probation for the next six to eight months. He should be ready to be examined medically now and after the period. Also, you do not want to have unwanted pregnancy.

So there you have it ladies; will you still want to sleep with him after taking note of these things? Be the judge, we just don’t want to see you get hurt.

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