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That One Sex Position Every Man Loves and Wants! » BrownShugar

That One Sex Position Every Man Loves and Wants!

It is undeniably the best style for most men all over the world. I have heard men complain about the missionary style, cowgirl style, the stand up and many other styles but never ever heard one man say “I do not like the Doggy Style”.


Yeah! The Doggy Style is by far the most popular sex position for men all over the world. So, What is so fascinating about the doggy? Why do all men love it so much? Well, BrownShugar goes out and find out exactly what it is about the doggy that men like so much.


Ade from Lagos says it is the perfect style because he loves the view. In his words “the Doggy style allows me a good view of her buttocks when I am hitting it”. Well, a big shout out to his babe from BrownShugar- We are guessing she has a big one. We can only just imagine.

Another doggy loving man by the name of John Obi actually confessed he loves domination and the doggy gives him the best opportunity to dominate. He is in full control.


Over to Emeka who said “If I were to score sex styles, I will score the doggy a 10 over 10 because of the view. My hands can also be useful in grabbing her breast or tapping on her buttocks or even grabbing her hair”. Wow, the part when he gets to tap on her buttocks. Yeah! you know that feeling right?

Muyiwa Adesanya is more psychological in his view and says when a woman turns her back and give you the doggy it only means she is confident in you and can trust you. He continues by saying, “Most women would really not mind you doing the missionary but when you tell them or try to turn their backs they hesitate. When she turns her back for you without hesitating she has fully giving herself to you”.


So you have it, those are the reasons Men love the doggy style. But before we go,  it really did surprise me that no one we interviewed mentioned the doggy is mostly treated as the grand finale of all sex positions. Like you normally don’t start up with the doggy but you just shift and drift into it and it becomes the apex, the climax and the glorious end to a wonderful sexual experience. Believe me the Doggy is the perfect way to sign out!

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Finally what do you think about the doggy style? Why is it your favorite sex position? Let us know, provide your comments in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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