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These 10 Questions Will Let You Know If You are Ready to Get Married. » BrownShugar

These 10 Questions Will Let You Know If You are Ready to Get Married.

Are you contemplating getting married soon? Are you wondering if you are ready to make that big decision and say “I do” and be committed to that one person all the rest of your life? Well, only you can answer those questions but I can also help you in making that decision. Here is a list of 10 questions you should ask yourself before deciding to take the big leap.

1. Have You Learnt from Your Past Failed relationships.
There is certainly nothing wrong in looking back at your past as it can help you make better plans for the future. So think to yourself. What part did you play in your last relationship breakups? Were you taken for granted or did you take your partner for granted? Were you too critical or couldn’t you stand any form of criticism? Answer these questions well and it will help  in improving yourself and preparing you for marriage life.

2. Do you have a list of what you can not compromise in a relationship?
There should be values that you demand your partner never to break. Have you spoken with your partner about these values and do you share these same values? Were you able to reach an agreement over the things both of you can not compromise? If you did not, guess you need to bring it up again before taking that big step to getting married.

3. Can You Trust Your Partner?
Trust is very key in Marriage and a marriage without trust is as good as a dead marriage. So, if you do not trust your future partner, how do you expect your marriage to stand the test of time.

4. Do You Know Most of the Facts about Your Partner?
Too well or Not so well or just a little. Never rush into marrying someone you know just a little about. It could be the perfect recipe to a married life of regrets. So, try finding out as much as you can about your partner before getting married.

5. Can You Tolerate Your Partner’s Weakness?
No one is perfect, everyone has their weaknesses and strengths. Your future partner isn’t perfect and surely will never be. Can you accept your partners weakness? If No, guess you should think again about getting married.

6. Have You Met Your Partner’s Family?
We are Nigerians marriage is completely impossible without your partner’s family. Beleive it or not, you’re not just marrying your spouse, you’re marrying into the family. So think to yourself? Can you deal with all the family drama. If you can’t, guess it isn’t time to get married yet.

7. Can You Apologize Sincerely?
If saying the word “SORRY” is too hard for you then it is not time to get married yet. Continue dating till you learn to apologize and even sincerely.

8. Have You Met Your Partner’s Friends?
Getting to meet friends of your spouse might help you in picking red flags that could hint at why you might not want to marry this person. So to confirm that your decision is completely spot on, be sure you know your partner’s friends.

9. Why Do You Want to Get Married?
What exactly is your intentions? Do you really love your partner? Or do you just like the idea of getting married? Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with them? Do you just want to wear a wedding gown and have a big fancy party? Or do you think it’s just something you now have to do because you’re getting older? Find out your true intentions before making the big decision.

10. Do you have the finances to Pull Through?
Getting married no matter how small you might plan it,is capital intensive. Do you have the funds to pull through? Can you sustain your new family after the marriage ceremony? If your answer is Yes, then you are on your way to a successful married life.

Did you answer all the questions sincerely? Are you ready for marriage or not. Let us know which questions seemed hardest for you to answer in the comment sections. Also, please feel free to share using the social media buttons below. Remember we will Love you forever if you just liked us once!