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These 6 Signs Proves She is Not Over Her Ex

Ever wondered if you were in a rebound relationship and if your girlfriend is still in love with her ex? Well, don’t wonder too long, these tips will tell you exactly if she is still in love with her ex.

1. She Talks a lot About Her Ex: No matter how secure you are, when your girlfriend talks a lot about her past relationships. I bet it will never seem to interest you. The best you can do is play along, act like you are listening and wonder deep in your heart “If you effing miss him so much, why break up with him, you can as well grovel and beg him to have you back.” The point is too much ex talk means that he’s still on her mind and seriously if you are smart, you should reconsider dating her.

2. She is always keeping tabs on his activities online. If your girlfriend is still interested in what her ex is doing online – his status update on FB or his new pictures on Instagram or she keeps re tweeting his twitter rants, then you should really be worried. She is not over him at all. Imagine she comes to you and say “do you know I found out online who Michael (her ex) is dating now?” Your answer should be “should I tell you now who my new girl is?”

3. There is too much contact with her ex. There really is no sin in being friends after a break up but what type of friendship does she keep with him? Do they still call frequently, text or email each other regularly, does she seem to be more invested in her ex than she is with you. If he is still her emergency contact number, best friend and the one that understands her the most. Do not waste your time my brother, it is time to move on.

4.) Your relationship with her started as soon as the one with her ex ended. It could be even be worse, if your relationship with her started before the one with her ex officially ended. Don’t feel too relaxed and think you won her over. You might just be a toy to teach her ex some lessons and as soon as he learns his lessons believe me you will be the ex.

5.) The mementos of her relationship with her ex is still on display. She still has his photos in her wallet, or flaunts some of the gifts he bought her. She is still emotionally attached to some of the things he gave her. Dear brother move on.

6.) She Does Not Talk About Him. It is like he never existed. Weird and confusing as this may be, it could be a red flag that she has not gotten over him. Especially, if she still feels hurt when ever she shares or say anything about him. If she really is over him, she should be able to talk about the relationship if you asked about it or when both of you are sharing your life issues.

Ever dated a girl and wondered if she truly was into you or was still in love with her ex. What were the signs you noticed that made you feel your girl was not over her ex? Please share with using the comment box below.